About Us

Jim and Joyce Minnick have shared a partnership in the knife industry for over 30 years.  Called"arguably the best knife making couple in the world". Combining Jim's talent as a world class knife maker, and Joyce's fine art engraving, has made their art known and collected both nationally and internationally. Their work has been featured in many  articles and publications, receiving several honors and awards.

Jim became a voting member of the Knifemakers' Guild in 1978. In 2008 Jim and Joyce's years of artistry in creating some of the most acclaimed investment-grade knives were recognized by the Corporazione Italian Coltellinai in Milan when they were inducted into the Italian Guild and designated as "Maestros". A very humbling moment for them and an honor they hold in very high esteem.

Jim and Joyce make their home in Middletown, Indiana. They both feel they are truly blessed to be able to share a common interest and work together in creating some truly unique and innovative art knives, which has been the hallmark of their work.

Studio adjacent to our house

Studio adjacent to our house

Artist Statement


I use only the finest materials available to me when making a knife. Special consideration goes into every aspect of building the knife to customer specifications.


Art is a necessity in life, sincere creativity speaks through one's work from the soul and then, in turn to the viewer as well.